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Houston, TX – July 18, 2017 – On Tuesday, July 18, 2017 elite business development strategist, certified trainer, and speaker,  Yvette Gavin will speak on Embracing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit at the third annual “Ladies That Lead Tour” in Houston, Texas. The event will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Health Center, located at 1515 Hermann Drive, Houston, Texas 77004. Presented by The BOSS Network®, the Ladies That Lead has been featured in Forbes, Market Watch, Inc. Magazine and more. The event highlights influential women of color who can inspire other women by sharing their strategies and journey to success. These distinguished women are leaders not only in their industry but in their community. These women set a standard for what success looks like and own their power. This event celebrates female leadership and encourages women to pursue their ambitions.

As the founder of Yvette Gavin Consulting LLC, a business columnist for Black Enterprise, and her notable work with the United States Government, Gavin proves to be one of the most qualified speakers for entrepreneurship. Gavin is an expert in growing small and large companies as well as navigating careers across changing landscapes which she proves in one of her books titled, Recalibrate! Navigating The Job Market With Confidence. She is an accomplished author, a certified Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) facilitator; a certified life coach from the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA), and a Joe Beam Family Dynamics certified facilitator. Her overall goal is to help others achieve their highest potential in their business, spiritual, and personal life.

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About Yvette Gavin


Yvette Gavin is an elite business development strategist, certified trainer, speaker,  and the founder of Yvette Gavin Consulting LLC. She is notably known for her work with the United States Government, her facilitation of relationship workshops for the U.S Consulate in Brazil, The Georgia National Guard, and her overall ability to build thriving workplaces through dynamic training programs.  Gavin is known for her ability to build high-performing information technology teams that deliver exceptional quality. She has held progressive leadership roles at Lockheed-Martin Aeronautical, Delta Air Lines, AT&T, Cbeyond, and Cox Communications.

Gavin holds a B.S. in Communications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK and is the recipient of various leadership and community awards. She received the Leadership Excellence Coin from the 78th Aviation Troop Command for her dedication to providing relationship training to Georgia’s soldiers, she is the recipient of the State of Georgia Governor’s Award for Outstanding Leadership and has received numerous leadership and process improvement awards from Fortune 500 companies

In addition to being a respected business strategist, Gavin is also a former reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) and the Birmingham News, as well as a CNN Headline News (HLN) editor and manager of the Southeastern Bureau. She is an accomplished author, a certified Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) facilitator; a certified life coach from the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA); and a Joe Beam Family Dynamics certified facilitator. In addition to writing  Recalibrate! Navigating The Job Market With Confidence, she also authored What to Do After You Say I Do, combining her passion and experience of building thriving workplace and personal relationships. As a relationship expert Gavin has spoken at multiple conferences and appeared on numerous radio and television programs as an advisor. The Georgia National Guard Chaplaincy Corp bestowed upon Gavin the Exemplary Performance Award while serving as an instructor for the Strong Bonds Marriage Conference. Her overall goal is to help others achieve their highest potential in their business, spiritual, and personal life.

Gavin’s career and life’s work covers a broad spectrum of success that speaks highly of her talent and commitment to excellence. Remaining consistent with her deep conviction and passion to help others grow; Gavin is currently accepting opportunities as a keynote speaker for female empowerment and inspirational conferences. Her goal with every speaking opportunity is to educate, inspire and empower. For more information about Yvette Gavin visit For all media inquiries contact


The Calloway Criminal Justice Reform Summit; An Insightful, Thoughtful and Powerful Conversation towards Equality in Justice Reform



Cedric Copper/GF Enterprise

A wholistic, Bi-partisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform in Georgia was held at the Fulton County Government Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, September 7, 2019 hosted by the DEAL Project. Early arrivals were greeted and treated to unlimited Starbucks coffee and hot Krispy Kreme donuts as they awaited the conversation on the progress of criminal reform in Georgia. As attendees were scanned in, one by one, and registrars, Yul and Brenda Smith Anderson, confirmed those who had registered and checked in others, Fulton County SWAT Team stood carefully over and stood watch from floors above adding intensity to the atmosphere as district attorneys, judges, and other dignitaries arriving, such as former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal.

“Criminal Justice Reform in Georgia is desperately needed to address age-old social issues that are rooted in bigotry, racism, classism, and, believe it or not, uninformed and uneducated theology,” says Ambrose B King Jr who is organized the Summit and founded the D.E.A.L Project (Acronym for Distributing and Empowering Georgia Citizens’ Access to Legal Literacy) and named in honor of Georgia’s 82nd Governor. John Nathan Deal, Esq, who made it a personal mission to overhaul Georgia’s mass incarceration, probation, and Criminal Justice problem(s). King, influenced by Michelle Alexander’s book The New Jim Crow while a student at Morehouse College,  claims, “There has been a serious shift in Criminal Justice reform in Georgia and a lot of southern states who used the criminal justice system as a weapon of mass destruction against one group of people, it minorities. A criminal record, in most cases, limits one from ascending to a different tax bracket and keeps one from obtaining homes, jobs, and class that the majority enjoys — with or without a criminal background. We know that white men, having did time for white color crimes, can get out of prison and still get a well paying job from their friends.” King, who is a native of Tifton, Georgia and Atlanta socialite and activist, continued, “It was reported, in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, that if nothing changed in Georgia that two new prisons would’ve had to be built during Governor Deal’s tenure — costing the tax payers $264 million dollars…..because 1 in 13 of its citizens were on probation , locked up, or in prison.

Moreover, we have law libraries in prison but do not have law libraries or access to civil attorneys to help with civil proceedings, statewide. Yet, I’m from a rural Georgia town and rural Georgia have 0% access. Thus, I created the DEAL Project to join the fight to gain access.” 
The attendees gathered in Fulton County Government Center’s Legislative Assembly hall to listen to expert panelists who gave an informative and inspiring conversation. King opened up with a welcome and introduced members of the Calloway Family. Reverend Benjamin Callloway, father of the late Rev. Dr. Terrance Calloway for whom the Summit is named, gave the opening prayer, followed by an introduction of Panel Facilitator, Judge Cassandra Kirk, Chief Judge of Fulton County’s Magistrate Courts. Panelists included: Shermela J. WilliamsLitigator, Thompson, Kennedy, Sampson, Tompkins Law Firm, Clinton Rucker, Chief Asst. District Attorney, Fulton County, Joyette Holmes, District Attorney for Cobb County, Sherry Boston, District Attorney for Dekalb County, Kosha S. Tucker Staff Attorney for theAmerican Civil Liberties Union of Georgia (ACLU), Dar’shun Kendrick Attorney and State Representative’s Minority Caucus Chief Deputy Whip, Laura Hogue Attorney and President of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Erin H. Gerstenzang, Atlanta Civil and Criminal Defense Attorney,Marissa McCall DodsonAttorney and Public Policy Director, Southern Center for Human Rights, A’Sheika L. Penn, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney DeKalb County District Juvenile Court Division, Steven Teske,Chief judge of the Juvenile Court of Clayton County, Eric S. Fisher, Partner Taylor-English’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department, L. Christopher Stewart, Civil and Rights and Criminal Defense Attorney with Stewart Trial Lawyers LLC, Rev. Justin E. Giboney, Civil Rights Attorney, Minister, and Founder of &(AND) Campaign, Ashleigh B. Merchant, Esq Criminal Defense Attorney and Partner for the Merchant Firm, Rebeca E. Salmonmanaging partner, A Salmon Firm, LLC and President of the Access to Law Foundation, Cheferre “Che” Young,Asst. District Attorney, Juvenile Divison Macon Judicial Circuit, Cheryl Payton,CCH/Identification Program Manager,  Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and Tracy Rolle, the Founder of AIME, LLC ,Inspiring Our Youth Corp. and Author on Recidivism and Rehabilitation.

As the panel discussion was underway, flanked by Fulton County PD and assistants, arrives Governor Deal who sits and listen the panel and was later acknowledged by Judge Teske, Sherry Boston, and Judge Kirk in their discussion. After the each the panelist’s final remarks, King introduced Deal and asked him to share words. Gov. Deal tell the audience that we must reform education. “Most of our juvenile and adults in prison now don’t have a high school diploma. We sought to change this and invited in Technical Colleges and other Secondary education institutions to allow prisoners to further their education through correspondence and hands-on courses and curriculum.”
Also featured were an area of Community Resources made up of nonprofit and civic organizations designed to assist the formerly incarcerated, family members of the incarcerated, work-ready programs, programs that assist in housing, and access to justice programs to help low income and the legal illiterate navigate court proceedings and documentation. Attendees  were also were, free of charge, their full background check and explanations on how some things could either be restricted fixed if corrections were needed to be made, by the   CCH/Identification Program,  Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
Sponsors for the Summit were Attorney Brian Poe and Associates, Attorney Alis Hughes, Rev. Fer-Rell Malone and the Macedonia Baptist Church of Waycross, GA, Mrs. Marsha Cummings Calloway, Rev. and Mrs. Benjamin Calloway, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Fulton County Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr. Esq, Atlanta City Council members Antonio Brown, Andrea Boone, Michael J. Bond, and Cleta Winslow.
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