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Introducing Nightly: Up and coming band plays at The Tabernacle for first time



Atlanta, January 27, 2018 – Meet Nightly- the two-person ensemble that is boy band meets hipster heartthrob meets garage band.
Somehow, the upcoming duo makes that chaotic genre blend as melodic as their smooth alternative pop tunes. Their catchy choruses and soft guitar riffs are infectious, and had the sold out crowd at The Tabernacle singing along in no time Friday night.
As Nashville natives, Nightly was a long way from home. But by the end of their opening set, Atlanta had welcomed them with open arms.
Their simple, stripped back set instantly created an intimate atmosphere in the three-tiered venue. Every seat was full and standing room was nonexistent, but Nightly made a crowd 2500 deep feel like a coffee shop’s open mic night.
As cousins who grew up writing songs together, lead singer Jonathan Capeci and guitarist Joey Beretta have perfected creating that organic feel. Nightly is no plastic boy band made of Ken dolls; they’re real, with a history and a story to tell that feels relatable.
Their newest EP, Honest, feels familiar in the best sense: like your favorite pair of comfy jeans. Nightly actually translates to text lingo for “Night, love you”, so fittingly, romance is the common thread to the band’s songs. Their direct, simple lyrics feel like a love lost or new crush we all know well.
So relatable, that their SoundCloud hit “XO”, “Honest”, and “No Vacancy” quickly became crowd favorites. By the end of their performance, Nightly had everyone swaying with their hands high and phone lights in the air.
Tonight may have been Atlanta’s first introduction to Nightly, but it is clear they made quite the impression.
Be sure to catch them in your city next:
About Nightly
Within a few months of forming Nightly, singer Jonathan Capeci and guitarist Joey Beretta came up with “XO”: a bittersweet breakup anthem built on bright beats and powerful melody. Pennsylvania-bred cousins who bought matching Fender Squier Stratocasters as kids, Capeci and Beretta earned some positive early feedback on the track, and quickly uploaded “XO” to their SoundCloud page. “We figured that, as a no-name band putting something out on our own, it would be a huge feat to get 100,000 plays in a month,” Capeci recalls. Instead, “XO” surpassed that number nearly overnight and hit a million plays within weeks, generating major buzz for the Nashville-based band’s guitar-fueled take on electronic alt-pop. Nightly soon began hosting showcases in their garage and ultimately inked a deal with Interscope Records, who are now set to release the band’s debut honest EP. With their name translating as ’night, love you in textspeak, Nightly match their inventively textured sound with a guileless approach to lyric-writing. “It’s easy to hide behind clever lyric writing without really getting to the truth of the emotion. We try to stay away from that,” says Capeci. “We want our songwriting to be conversational, and to be real and open about relationships and love.” On “XO,” that confessional spirit manifests in a breezy meditation on vulnerability and self-preservation. “‘XO’ is about being half-heartedly in a relationship, and how that usually does more damage than good,” explains Capeci, whose soulful vocals instill the song with a dreamy melancholy. “It’s about the kind of situation where you’re holding back to protect yourself, but it just ends up screwing things up worse and hurting both people involved.” Produced by Keith Varon, Nightly’s honest EP explores troubled romance of all kinds. With its soaring vocals, propulsive synth, and sprawling guitar work, “No Vacancy” looks at the isolation that comes with lack of emotional availability. On “Talk to Me”—a track written in collaboration with producer Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Dashboard Confessional, Gym Class Heroes)—heavy grooves and cascading guitar lines converge to offer up one the EP’s more lighthearted moments. “That one’s about getting attention from someone you really shouldn’t be getting attention from, based on their relationship status,” Capeci points out. And on “Honest,” Nightly fuse fierce guitar tones, hard-hitting rhythms, and warped vocal effects to capture the romantic frustration at the heart of the lyrics. “‘Honest’ is about a relationship where you and that person were on fire together, and then they move on to someone else and completely change their personality,” says Capeci. “It’s saying, ‘What we had wasn’t perfect, but at least we were honest with each other.’” Throughout the EP, Nightly’s deftly crafted melodies amp up the raw emotion infused into each track. Such ingenuity in merging pure feeling with sophisticated songcraft comes from a near lifetime of devotion to music, partly shaped by Beretta’s musical household. “My dad played guitar and my mom’s a great singer, and my mom’s dad played the organ like crazy,” says Beretta, who grew up on the James Taylor and Cream records his father often spun at home. After getting their hands on those matching Strats, the cousins took their first step toward a shared lifelong dream of playing in a rock band. “I got a blue guitar and Jon got a black one and we were just like, ‘We’re gonna be in a band together forever!’” says Beretta, who—a year older than Capeci—was 13 at the time. The following year, Beretta started playing in bands, landing gigs in bowling alleys or “really anywhere that would let us play.” Meanwhile, Capeci began experimenting with songwriting at age 15, and joined his first band with Beretta at 17. Although both headed off to college, the foray into higher education was short-lived. “I dropped out after about a year and Jon left a year later, because clearly we were meant to do the band thing,” Beretta says. Capeci and Beretta soon moved to Nashville, where they formed Nightly in 2015. With a vision of bringing an urban feel to the quintessential rock-band dynamic, they quickly carved out a sound all their own. “With one of the first songs we ever wrote for the band, I just had this feeling like, ‘I’ve never heard anything like this before,’” says Beretta. Continuing in a rhythm-driven but guitar-centric vein, they eventually created “XO,” which fast made its way into rotation on Nashville’s ALT 98.3 in addition to gaining massive attention online. As Nightly amassed a following, the two began developing a live show featuring a stunning light display created by Beretta. Rounded out by Stevie Cunsolo on synth/keys and Nicholas Sainato on drums the live show taps into Beretta’s intricately designed display to help transport each audience into Nightly’s own fully realized world—a mission that extends to every element of the band, including their artwork. Now at work on their full-length debut, Capeci and Beretta note that Nightly endlessly delivers that same electric feeling of first picking up the guitar back in middle school. “I’m always surprised by what comes out of writing sessions, I’m always so happy about what we come up with,” says Beretta. “I feel like a kid every single time—there’s always something to be excited about.” That ever-renewing passion feeds directly into the emotional core of the band, adds Capeci. “I’d love for our music to be something that people listen to when they’re out driving alone at night, something that becomes part of the soundtrack of their lives,” he says. “There’s nothing like connecting with a song and feeling like the person who wrote it understands exactly what you’re going through, and I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than giving that feeling to other people.”


Selena Gomez Releases Highly Anticipated Spanish Language EP “Revelación”



12 MARCH 2021 (TORONTO, ON) – Receiving unanimous acclaim for her long awaited return to Latin music, Selena Gomez released her first Spanish-Language EP, REVELACIÓN via via Interscope Records/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company. Gomez envisioned creating a project that would be a reflection of her journey, allowing her to share her story through the connection to her Latina Heritage. About the EP, Selena expresses, “This new music is a labor of love for all of my Latin fans. Whether you speak Spanish or not I hope you can feel the emotion and passion. For me, that is the beauty of Latin music.”


Almost entirely recorded remotely due to COVID, Gomez wanted to work with artists that she “admired and respected within the Latin community.” She tapped multiple Latin GRAMMY® Award-winner Tainy [Bad Bunny, J Balvin] and NEON16 as executive producers. Tasked with bringing Selena’s musical vision to life, Tainy expressed, “To be reunited with Selena on this project was amazing. We wanted to merge work I’ve been doing with the pop arena Selena has always mastered, to create something that was authentic to who she is. I’m a huge fan of her work and to have this responsibility has been an incredible honor.”

True to her vision, Gomez’s first Spanish EP presents a collection of 7 tracks, featuring collaborations with Latin GRAMMY® nominee and urban phenomenon Rauw Alejandro, multi-platinum urban artist Myke Towers and renowned international producer and DJ, DJ Snake.

From a visual perspective, Gomez collaborated with most influential Latin creators to bring her vision to life through beautiful imagery. She enlisted the duo of Los Pérez—Tania Verduzco and Adrián Pérez— and Fernando Nogari to direct the project’s first two accompanying music videos, and also tapped Erica Hernandez and Camila Falquez to create the EPs artwork concept, connecting imagery and the artist’s Mexican heritage. For their most recent single “Selfish Love,” Selena and DJ Snake recruited the award-winning filmmaker Rodrigo Saavedra.

Earlier this year, Selena revealed her first Spanish-language recording in a decade “De Una Vez,” which trended at #1 worldwide. Attracting widespread praise, Vogue raved, “The tale told through ‘De Una Vez’ has resonance no matter what language you speak,” and Billboard called it “empowering.”

“De Una Vez” was followed by the reggaeton infused and seductive track, “Baila Conmigo,” featuring Latin urban phenomenon Rauw Alejandro. The video portrayed “the sense of isolation we all are experiencing right now and how music really does connect us all no matter where we are in the world.” Produced by Tainy, Albert Hype, Jota Rosa, and NEON16, the track merges energized reggaeton rhythms and guitar with an empowering hook and seductive verses. Meanwhile, Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Nogari directed the accompanying music video. Shot between Los Angeles, Miami and a remote fishing village in Brazil, the visual integrates bold performances and breathtaking landscapes.

Target will have an exclusive CD featuring an alternative cover & poster. Purchase REVELACIÓN HERE:


  1. De Una Vez
  2. Buscando Amor
  3. Baila Conmigo w/ Rauw Alejandro
  4. Damelo To’ ft. Myke Towers
  5. Vicio
  6. Adios
  7. Selfish Love w/ DJ Snake
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Selena Gomez Releases Highly Anticipated Spanish Language EP “Revelación”

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